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Citizen Journalism

Citizen Journalism

Oh, so you're a blogger?

Yes, and no.

I do have personal blog (brianryer.com) where I periodically put some thoughts into the ether, but the role and activities of a citizen journalist are a lot more like traditionally journalism than they are like personal online diary maintenance. Admittedly, the line becomes blurrier the closer we look at it, like a fractal, like so much of life in the information age.

We live in a time of monumental transformation overwrought clichés. How does information technology, specifically the written word, shape our understanding of the world? I consider myself fortunate to be part of finding out – as witness and participant – but it's really no big deal.

You can expect to see more here in the coming weeks. I will better explain my thought on why citizen journalism will increase in importance and influence so much that saying "I'm a blogger" will sound as anachronistic as saying "I'm a phone user" or "I can point at things."