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Dumb Ads

Brian Ryer

Just experienced, again, a concrete example of why I really despise advertising on the Internet. I know, I know, "We's gots to get payyyed!" I've got no problem with anyone making any money. It's not the advertising per se, it's the dumbness surrounding it.

The problem is, I'm the guy who does his job. You must be the other guy, if you are the lazy CIO, Development VP, Media Manager, Implementation Group Coordinator or Code Serf slinging the JavaScript which shows me your little sliver of income generating nonsense right before the content—which is the reason I came to your site—doesn't fucking show up, or doesn't play, or is hidden by an interstitial the size of a pool cover.

So I came to your site this once and I'll never be back. If this affront to user experience happened in your app, I've now deleted it. 

The content must be, well, the content. It must appear, reliably, flawlessly. The ad—c'mon, it's what, a thousandth of a penny? Let it go and show me the content I came for. Or don't and I'll go somewhere else.