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The First Post, Again

Brian Ryer

Hi Everyone,

"This is my first post."

 Who owns your printing press?

Who owns your printing press?

I've said that more times than I can remember. Well, I can remember some of them. Let's see, there's been  web-loggingblogging, radio-userlanding, zopeing, ploneing, posterousing, word-pressingtumblring, digging, iwebbing, rapid-weaving, yelping, foursquaringinstapapering, instagraminglinking-infacebooking, tweeting and redditing. Lately there's been some goodreading, a bit of nextdooring, a little mediuming and just a taste of storehousing. And as new inventors and entrepreneurs continue to attach things to the loose ends of the internet I'm sure there will be even more places for me to start fresh with a shiny new first post.

Or maybe not. In fact, I think that this is likely to be my last first post.

Not because I mean to curtail my public activity on the internet. No, I hope to have the ability and desire to make my thoughts and feelings heard for a long time to come. No, it's because I believe I won't need to repeatedly search for and find an outlet to sign up with before I can do the kind of thing we call blogging or posting or tweeting, etc. I think the modes of interaction that have characterized the internet since its rise in popularity will invert and individuals will be able to initiate a communication with, well, everyone in the world, as simply as they can initiate a phone call or an old fashioned hand written letter to a friend, and still own all of their content.

How this will happen, why I think it is inevitable, and the reasons I believe it is desirable will make up a large part of my posts here.

As always, I welcome your comments.